Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg Cover Cover Muscle & Fitness

And I'm pretty sure there's a little birdwatching after the jump. Tell me what you think. (via Swoonworthy) ... See the Rest



Ed Harris scratches an itch on the set of Pain and Gain. (via SOW) ... See the Rest


We Get It

You're still hot. Now put some damned clothes on and save something for the movie. EVERY DAY it's the SAME THING. Marky Mark and his nips on a ... See the Rest


Wahlberg Adjustment

Yeah, it looks like it's shaping up as Mark Wahlberg Day on the WOW Report. We're as surprised as you are. Here's the actor adjusting his equipment on ... See the Rest

Mark Wahlburg

Mark Wahlberg Hangs Out

Make that Wallberg. Looking a lot like his old Marky Mark persona playing Spider-Man, the actor was spotted yesterday hanging from a wall and doing ... See the Rest