“Pages” of Page: Linda Simpson’s Debut Photo Book Gets a Party

Wowlebrity Linda Simpson, who began her multifaceted drag-queen career in the 80s (and is an old pal) has a new photo book, Pages, an homage to her captivating transgender pal, Page. Pages, an offshoot of ... See the Rest

NBC Pages: Strutting Our Peacocks Since 1933!

Last night, NBC reached an historic milestone by ... See the Rest

Shelf Life: Scene

  This book will be available in March 2013. "Everyone now knows how influential the downtown art scene was in New York in the 1980s ... See the Rest

Shelf Life: Das Auge, die Gedanken, unentwegt wandernd

“Walter Pfeiffer’s faces are naïve. Lewd, innocent and brutal, yearning, greedy and shy. These faces breathe desire, prescience and eloquence. As embodiments of an adolescent vision that ... See the Rest

Shelf Life: Irene

From Edition Patrick Frey: "Roswitha Hecke’s photo book Liebes Leben (Love Life) about the Zurich artist-muse ... See the Rest

Shelf Life: 1977

From Edition Patrick Frey: "In 1977 Pietro Mattioli took portraits in Zurich’s first Punk and New Wave ... See the Rest

Shelf Life: Tissue

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Quote Unquote

  “I decided not to write another proper book after Trieste and the Meaning of Nowhere because it was the book in which I think I found my true ... See the Rest