Surprise, Surprise: One Million Moms Freaked Out About New Muppets TV Series – “Kermit Doesn’t Wear Pants!”

Family Values group One Million Moms has come out swinging against the new Muppet Show, calling it "perverted" and urging parents to boycott. A press release ... See the Rest

Code Blue Ivy

“People don’t need to be treated like this when dealing with sick children," said Neil Nash Coulon, the Bed-Stuy man who was prevented from visiting his just-born premature twin girls in the Intensive Care Unit at New York's Lenox Hill hospital because the hallways were in ... See the Rest

carpé dyin’

A partially fried fish is shown breathing and wiggling on a plate – clearly still alive –as it is slowly devoured by Chinese restaurant-goers. According to See the Rest

Government Gays

Here's the trailer for Outrage, Kirby Dick's film about the hypocrisy of closeted politicians who campaign against the LGBT community they secretly belong to. The doc throws light on the hidden lives of some of our nation’s most powerful policymakers. Outrage opens this week in ... See the Rest