Dead Again: Producers Pull the Plug on All My Children and One Life to Live


After briefly finding life again online, Prospect Park producers are said to be pulling the plug on venerable soap operas One Life to Live and All My Children. According to Showbiz411: "Throughout the [40-episode] run on The Online Network, via Hulu, the company had problems. They cut back from four episodes a week to two per soap, claiming viewers ... See the Rest

Oprah Back on Top

Oprah Winfrey leaves 'CBS This Morning' after discussing her struggling cable network with Gayle King

Despite some business stumbles and an $88-million earnings drop since last year, Oprah Winfrey returns to the top of Forbes’ annual Celebrity 100 list of the most powerful celebrities, after being in second place for two years. Whew. Now she sits atop a ladies club of Gaga, Beyonce, Madonna, Taylor Swift, and Ellen in the top 10. And while we have ... See the Rest

Back from the Dead: All My Children and One Life to Live to Premiere April 29

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Save the date! Set your calendars! The online resurrection of the venerable soaps All My Children and One Life to Love is totally actually really happening thanks to the tireless efforts of Prospect Park's The Online Network (TOLN)! They're debuting on Hulu, Hulu Plus and iTunes next week! All your favorites: Erica! Dorian! Vickie! Palmer! Phoebe! ... See the Rest

Flashback 1979: Judith Light Is a “COMMON HOOKER!”

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Tomorrow One Life to Live goes off the air forever, leaving just four soap operas on air. In this 1979 clip – arguably one of the most famous scenes in soap opera history – Judith Light gives us all a master class in acting, in the process winning two Emmys and being inducted into the Soap Opera Hall of Fame for her portrayal of Karen Wolek, the ... See the Rest

BREAKING NEWS: One Life to Live and All My Children Internet Deal Falls Through


Very sad. From HuffPo: "Following their cancellations by longtime network ABC in April, it was announced that internet distributor Prospect Park had licensed the rights to the shows and would continue them on a new online network. 'We believed the timing was right to launch an Online TV Network anchored by these two iconic soap operas,' the company ... See the Rest

farewell KISH

One Life to Live has confirmed that they are writing off the Kish romance, blaming the gays for the show's recent slide in the ratings. Now it's true: I have long thought the storyline was silly and dated and written by an old cat lady (I mean: What 30-year-old gay man is THAT angsty about his sexuality in 2010?). And the whole ... See the Rest

Daytime television’s first gay sex scene! WOW!

Video thumbnail for youtube video Daytime television's first gay sex scene! WOW! - World of Wonder

Where were you yesterday afternoon when a million housewives' heads exploded, as "KISH" finally hit the sheets on One Life to Live? While I have not always been on board with the handling of this story (after being fag-bashed, you made Nick a bad guy? Really?), there is no denying that HISTORY WAS MADE in one incredibly satisfying scene. There was ... See the Rest

Built Ford tough

Video thumbnail for youtube video Built Ford tough - World of Wonder

OMG, you guys, Ford is coming back to One Life to Live today! That probably means nothing to you, but you only have to watch the first 49 seconds of this video to understand why that's such exciting news! The actor who plays him, David A. Gregory, was only hired for a couple of weeks over the summer in a very minor role. But when he doused his ... See the Rest