Harry Styles to Sign Sony Solo Mega-Deal?

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One Direction only announced their impending hiatus this week, and already it appears that Harry Styles is being courted by ... See the Rest

5 Years of 1D: Zayn Malik’s Tweet to Liam Payne Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity


Today is a special day, guys. If you didn't know, July 23, 2015 marks the 5 year anniversary of One Direction since the guys were brought together by ... See the Rest

BREAKING NEWS: Louis Tomlinson Is Going to Be a Daddy!

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Ohdearohdearohdear. It's a tragic day for "Larry" stans: It was revealed today that Louis Tomlinson of One Direction is going to be a FATHER. Yes, the fey young boybander, who is mostly known ... See the Rest

Zayn Has Emotional Reunion with 1D Bandmates After Feud with Naughty Boy

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Well this is promising! Word on the streets is that Zayn Malik has dropped his producer/Svengali See the Rest

The Internet Perfectly Matches Zayn Malik to Fine Art, Sunsets, Flowers, and Other Beautiful Things

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The Internet seems to be spending a lot of time with images of Zayn Malik (as one does). As evidenced by these Twitter and Tumblr accounts, Zayn seems to resemble a lot of everyone's favorite things—fine art ... See the Rest

Harry Styles’ Epic Tumble Onstage Will Have You Howling with Laughter

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Oh Harry. Poor Harry. Poor, dear, sweet, bumbling Harry. Last night in San Diego, while the band was singing "Through the Dark," Harry Styles took an epic spill when his ... See the Rest

So, Zayn Malik Popped Up In An Unexpected Place With New Hair

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Sadly, we barely get to see Zayn Malik anymore. Ever since he pulled a Justin Timberlake on One Direction, he's been laying low—especially on his social media. But here's hoping that this is the start of a new day! Earlier today, Zayn was seen with a fresh new ... See the Rest

Louis Tomlinson Plans to Put Out a Zayn Diss Song

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Ah, whither the days of "Zouis" – it seems like a million years ago we shipped them. Poor Louis, though, seems to be taking ... See the Rest