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"Thank God for Freedom of Speech, even Ugly-Ass Skinny Bitches who have accomplished NOTHING yet in life can call other people whatever names they like. Hey stupid UGLY bitch, get over yourself, youre really NO ONE and your BF is a fucking NERD. LOL. No wonder you went to that ... See the Rest

One-Cent Post

Why would a man choose to be gay and spend the rest of his life kicking against the pricks? ... See the Rest

One-Cent Post

God bless CBS for not retiring 91-years-old-this-month Andy Rooney from his 60 Minutes gig bellyaching for three surreal minutes at the end of the show about nothing important or familiar to anyone younger than 91, but we always wonder if the other correspondents draw straws to ... See the Rest

Of Interest Meets One-Cent Post

Nic Cage as Pamela Anderson looks kind of like Alexis Arquette, which is kind of disturbing because Nic was married to Alexis' sister Patricia. (See the Rest

One-Cent Post

Popbitch informs us that the best-selling Christmas album in America since 1980 is Kenny G's Miracles: The Holiday Album, followed by product from Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Josh Groban. ... See the Rest

Pick One Platitude, Rosie, and Stick With It

Speaking to Extra last night in support of Meredith Baxter's recent coming out at age 62, Rosie O'Donnell ... See the Rest

One-Cent Post

It occurred to us recently that since the arrival of the Brazilian and the continuing trend of women turning their vaginas into virtually hairless real estate, the term "pussy" is no longer operative. ... See the Rest