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Red Carpet WTFs: The Opening of The Jacksons at Planet Hollywood in Vegas

Fashion fails Jermaine Jackson, Murray Sawchuck, Phil Lewis, and Sabrina Kelly attend the opening of The Jacksons: RockTellz & CockTails at Planet ... See the Rest

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Out and About, London: The Gorgeous Gowns, The Even More Gorgeous Guys, and One Still-Closeted Homosexual at the WilliamVintage Dinner

A cavalcade of aristos and A-listers attended the annual WilliamVintage dinner at Kings Cross in London, among them the ever-beguiling Lady Amanda ... See the Rest


Breaking News: Boyband Drops Trou at Monuments Men Premiere

Cheeky former X Factor contestants Kingsland Road walked the red carpet at The National Gallery in London for tonight's premiere of Monuments Men, ... See the Rest


Celebrity Roundup 2/10/14

Emmett and Lucy, THE BIGGEST STARS ON THE PLANET RIGHT NOW, arrive on the red carpet for the LEGO Movie premiere in London. I TOLD YOU GUYS it was ... See the Rest

Rashida Jones attends the World Premiere of 'Cuban Fury' in London

On the Red Carpet: Rashida Jones at the Cuban Fury Premiere, London

Rashida is wearing a superfab psychedelic Prada frock with... is that Jacqueline Suzanne's face on there? I think it is. That pretty amazing. I would ... See the Rest

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Hot Looks of the Day: Tasmin Lucia Khan and Ewan McGregor

STAAAAAAAAHP IT. Is Tasmin Lucia Khan wearing a ruby necklace on her head to the British Asian Awards Trust at the Victoria & Albert Museum in ... See the Rest

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Red Carpet Looks: Cate Blanchett and Abbie Cornish

Cate Blanchett kills it in a disco grommet Proenza Schouler dress at the Monument Men premiere in New York; Abbie Cornish is wearing an electric ... See the Rest

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On the Red Carpet: The Vampire Academy

Now, I'm not in any way endorsing this movie, as of course vampires are SO LAST DECADE and all civilized people have moved on to witches, but the red ... See the Rest