Is This the Most terrifying Commercial EVER MADE? Life Alert Goes Waaaaaay Too Far

Remember those corny "I've fallen and I can't get up" commercials that were the object of so many Late Night comedian's jokes? Looks like Life Alert has had ENOUGH of your insolent guff and wants you to know THEY MEAN ... See the Rest

Aging Faces: Your Future Awaits

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Hot Look of the Day

Desiccated, post-stroke Bette Davis is my favorite Bette Davis, and with her backwards wig, ever-present cigarette, See the Rest

I Feel So OLD

I was just glancing at some pictures of Alexis Bledel on the opening night of her off-Broadway show Regrets, when I read the following words "The 30-year-old actress..." and the needle SLID off the ... See the Rest