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Occupy Chick-fil-A

The protest against homophobic chicken sandwiches is underway at the Hollywood Chick-fil-A. As your trusty bloggers chanted and marched for the cause, ... See the Rest


Christmas Wish List

Lt John Pike casually pepper sprays the baby Jesus! Knitted by Abbie Heppe, it's a one-of-a-kind, unfortunately, but don't let that stop you from ... See the Rest


American As Occu-Pie

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Picture 22

Tune for a Generation: Miley Cyrus’ Occupy Anthem “Liberty Walk”

From BigHollywood: "Before you click the 'Play' button on this video, make sure your pants are literally sewn into the flesh of your pelvis. The ... See the Rest



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Sign of the Times

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wiggum spray

Occupy Springfield

So far this image of Springfield's police chief Clancy Wiggum pepper-spraying occupying demonstrators is the only funny take on the meme. (t/y Louis) ... See the Rest

Occupy UC Davis Pepper Spray Update

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