#RealEstatePorn: Judy Garland’s Former Dakota Apartment Is For Sale

Built in 1864, The Dakota is one of THE most iconic residences in New York City. It was reportedly called "The Dakota" because at the time, it was so far north of the center of the city, it was as far way as the Dakotas. The building is square, built around a ... See the Rest

#HumpDayHottie: One of the Best Things About NYC? Jake Gyllenhaal Rides the Subway. A lot.

I've not seen him on the subway, but once I opened my front door and Jake Gyllenhaal was RIGHT THERE walking by. One of the best things about NYC just might be the possibility of a hot celeb sighting. We know Helen Mirren, Matthew Broderick & ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Actor, Alan Cumming

January 27, 1965- Alan Cumming In spring 2014, I had an extended stay in the hospital when 5 months of aggressive chemotherapy left me without much of an immune system. I was kept in isolation. Doctors, nurses and visitors were required to wear a hazmat suit ... See the Rest

#ViralVideo: Casey Neistat Snowboards Through NYC Streets!

Yes, in case you've been in a cave, there's been a blizzard in NYC and it dumped the second biggest snowfall –27 inches, on Manhattan and the surrounding burroughs. Artist and vlogger Casey Neistat has done tons of stunts, including snow boarding all around the ... Watch Now

#Jonas: 50 Snowy NYC Storm Snaps From My Instagram Feed

I drove in from my upstate place in the Catskill Mountains to the West Village of Manhattan on Friday just in time for the snow to start falling. I checked out the view from my front door a few times and then went to bed and awoke Saturday to a ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Chita Rivera

January 23, 1933- Chita Rivera: “Many of the shows I danced in don't exist on film, but they do exist in the memories of those who were in the theater for that single moment in time. And nothing can replace that.” The Husband & I caught the Bob ... See the Rest

Annual “No Pants Subway Ride” Is a Voyeur/ Exhibitionist’s Dream!

I've not witnessed it myself –every year I forget about it– but here's the proof that it actually happens. On January 10th, the annual No Pants Subway Ride, commuters showed us their lower halves and gave us the opportunity to catch up on underwear trends all ... See the Rest

#LGBT: A NYC Flash-Mob Proposal Is a TOTAL (Tear-Jerking) Surprise!

Flash mob proposals are getting to be standard issue –and a bit overdone, if you ask me– but this one is REALLY good. Mark McDermott had been planning his proposal to boyfriend Yuval David for several months, getting family and friends in on the ... See the Rest