Nicki Minaj Posts Shower Nudes

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 8.38.20 PM

Or whatever you want to call them. I don't what prompted them, but Nicki Minaj did it nonetheless. But when I say nude, I mean we are to assume they're nude since she is in the shower and she LURVES to show it off. To everyone. Anywhere. ... See the Rest

Louboutins for Skin Tones


I think this is brilliant and this is why Christian Louboutin keeps getting richer. He has just released a line of shoes called "Shades" that match to every (I say most) skin tones and make your legs appear to go on forever and a day. 5 shades of nude, check them here. Louboutins for the masses, SO very smart indeed. ... See the Rest

Nudes Dancing As Fast As They Can


Photographer Shinichi Maruyama's time-lapse images of nude dancers created with 10,000 individual shots. (via gaksdesigns) ... See the Rest

Afternoon Male Call


Champion speedskater Apolo Ohno. (via didierlestrade) ... See the Rest

Morning Male Call


- ... See the Rest



Camouflage ... See the Rest

Happy Birthday, Son


I honestly would have hidden under a rock if I were a 25-year-old man and my mom tweeted to her millions of followers a pretty naked pic of herself with me in utero, but maybe that's just me. Granted, I wish I looked like her and not like THIS when i was preggers. Kris Jenner wanted a truly creative way to say happy birthday to her only son Rob. I ... See the Rest

Lindsay WHO?


Oh, my Christmas wishes just came true. The infamous Boom Boom recreates Marilyn Monroe's celebrated photo shoot from the first issue of Playboy in this stunning photograph by Austin Young. Have you ever SEEN such beauty? ... See the Rest