#NudeNews: Happy World Naked Gardening Day!?

Metro Health : Naturism, stripping off can bring many physical a

Yes, today is World Naked Gardening Day and people across the globe are encouraged,to tend their portion of the world's garden unclothed, as Mother Nature intended. Why garden naked? Well why not? It's more fun than clothed. And according to their official website: "...our ... See the Rest

#NakedTruth: Laverne Cox On Posing Nude For Allure, “There’s Beauty In The Things We Think Are Imperfect.”


"Going through life, you try to cover and hide, but it doesn't really work." Laverne Cox, 30, at first turned down Allure's request to pose nude.... but she wanted these pictures for herself, too: "I said no initially, thought about it, and said no again. But I'm a black ... See the Rest

#NSFW: Hot Naked Models Work A Runway With Handbags


NSFW: Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, right? This Madrid fashion show was a few years ago but the timing seems right today with all the beefcake I've posted. This is as nude as it gets, so be prepared. I have no details about the handbags but if you want to know about ... See the Rest

Warwick Rowers Post Full Frontal Video – Watch Here


The Warwick Rowers are back with a new NSFW video, we are talking full frontal nudity – another sweet blessing from the Lordt. It's gratuitous but also just so necessary. Watch. You knowww you want to! Remember that time they came to our offices at WOW? ... See the Rest

Combo Post: Keith Haring + NY Post = A Wedding Gift For Madonna


The last two posts, the nude guy on the cover of the NY Post and Keith Haring's new exhibit in San Francisco, gave me the idea for this combo post. When Madonna was marrying Sean Penn, Keith was invited to the wedding at took Andy as his date. Around that time, nude pictures of ... See the Rest

Watch Now: Nick Jonas Is Nude (& Possibly Bi) In Kingdom


Nick Jonas flashed his abs at a gay club in NYC, and now, it looks like we may see him flash more than that on TV. Last week on WWHL with Andy Cohen, Nick talked about his upcoming series, "Kingdom," which is about a group of MMA fighters in Venice, CA. Jonas revealed he WILL be ... See the Rest

Watch This: Nude Men Dance With Towels on Stage

nude towel dance

I'm not sure which country this video originates from. It looks sort of like  (insert name of a country)'s Got Talent. ... Watch Now

12 Amazing Nude Photos Looking Back at Matthew Mcconaughey’s HardBody of Work

Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 11.31.54 AM

Before he was ACADEMY AWARD WINNER Matthew Mcconaughey, he was FREQUENTLY SEMI-NUDE Matthew Mcconaughey. Check out a dozen of his steamiest pics.  ... See the Rest