Why We Take Nude Photos of Ourselves

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If there's one refrain we keep hearing over and over during this latest celebrity nude scandal, it's: "If you don't want nude pictures of yourself on the internet, then don't take nude pictures." If only it were that simple. Salon magazine posits that nude selfies have actually ... See the Rest

Tattoo You: Ex-Marine Alex Minsky Nude Pics Leak

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To say we're big fans of war vet Marine turned model Alex Minsky would be an understatement. He's the 25-year-old U.S. Marine who has now become a world renowned underwear model, despite the fact his right leg was amputated. Some nude selflies have leaked and I don't want you to ... See the Rest

In Other Dick-Related News


As a public service, TheDirty posted Anthony's wiener selfies with this statement, "Today is the first time in our company history that TheDirty.com has published extreme nude images without censor because New York deserves better leadership than this." Thank you? ... See the Rest