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The New York Times on Making Buildings for Billionaires

Or: Why New York Sucks So Hard. From YouTube: "A new crop of ultra-luxurious New York high rises are vying to be the next hot 'it' building and are ... See the Rest


The World’s First Diamond Ring

As in, the first ring made entirely of diamond. Valued at approximately $68 million and weighing in at 150 carats, the ring is made entirely out of a ... See the Rest


What Recession?

After a hard day of barking at her underlings, Kimora Simmons bathes her feet in Perrier Jouet champagne. Heads have ended up on pikes for less. (via ... See the Rest

This is how you get your head on a pike and paraded through the streets, gurl

I feel icky and depressed and full of shame just LOOKING at Kim K's $1.6 million birthday cake. Diamond sprinkles. Diamond candles. Have you EVER? The ... See the Rest

Real Estate Porn: World’s biggest house

India's richest man, 53-year-old Mukesh Ambani is about to move into the biggest house in the world, this 27-story skyscraper in Mumbai. It has a ... See the Rest

Countdown to bankruptcy

The Situation is on track to earn up to $5 million this year. Yesterday he bought a  $100,000 Bentley coupe for himself and a slightly less expensive ... See the Rest