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Must-See: The Hottest Looks at the Grace of Monaco Premiere

The 2014 Cannes Film Festival is only a few hours old, but I'm calling BEST DRESSED OF THE WEEK right here. Russian television personality Elena ... See the Rest

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“Like a 104-minute Chanel Ad, Only without the Subtlety and Depth”: Reviews from the Cannes Premiere of Grace of Monaco

Here's what the critics are saying about Nicole Kidman's latest debacle, Grace of Monaco (hint: it ain't pretty) ... See the Rest

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Watch Now: The Grace of Monaco Trailer

Nicole Kidman, of course, LOOKS nothing like Grace Kelly, SOUNDS nothing like Grace Kelly, ACTS nothing like Grace Kelly – it's an ABSOLUTE TRAVESTY, ... See the Rest


The Diana Teaser Poster

I'll admit it. I'm looking forward to this. Really. The Brits know how to make some good Oscar-caliber bio-pics i.e. The Queen, The King's Speech, The ... See the Rest

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On the Red Carpet: The Great Gatsby Photocall at Cannes

The Great Gatsby opens the Cannes Film Festival, causing a bit of a controversy. According to Sky News: "The opening slot is traditionally reserved ... See the Rest

Nicole Kidman arrives ahead of the premiere for her new film 'Stoker' held in London

Nicole Kidman Gets the Idea

I have been so frustrated lately with these amazing dresses with incredible necklines being all but ruined by the wrong hair style (I'm looking at ... See the Rest

Family Portrait of the Day

New publicity still for the upcoming thriller, Stoker. I really wish all family portraits looked like this. ... See the Rest


Flashback: Oscars 2003

... See the Rest