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Flashback 1979: Nico Performs “Genghis Khan” on French Television

The relentlessly gloomy former Warhol starlet performed her medieval lamentation “Genghis Khan” on French television in June of 1978. I honor of her ... See the Rest


Flashback 1967: Warhol Takes Chelsea Girls To Cannes

Ultra Violet, Viva, Susan Bottomly (International Velvet), Nico and Andy Warhol on the beach at Cannes. From Phaidon: "45 years ago Cannes was at its ... See the Rest

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Tune for Today: Nico Sings “New York New York”

Writes Dangerous Minds' Marc Campbell: "It isn’t until halfway through this experimental film clip [Mr Dead and Mrs Free] that we encounter the ... See the Rest

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Flashback 1961: Nico Photographed by Jerry Schatzberg

I'd always heard that the Warhol superstar had been a model before her Velvet Underground days, but I had never seen any pictures until now. I'm so ... See the Rest


Flashback: Bananas!

(via histrionicenlightenment) ... See the Rest

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Nico covers Whitney?

The creepy-but-compelling Warhol Superstar died the year after Whitney Houston released "I Wanna Dance With Somebody," so it's entirely possible that ... See the Rest

The Factory Files: Andy and Nico

Andy Warhol and Nico as Robin and Batman, 1967. (via Pic of the Gay) ... See the Rest

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Just Because

Take a break and watch all eight-plus minutes of this darkly fascinating bit of film shot in 1980 at the Chelsea Hotel in New York. The footage, part ... See the Rest