Flashback 1967: Warhol Takes Chelsea Girls To Cannes

Ultra Violet, Viva, Susan Bottomly (International Velvet), Nico and Andy Warhol on the beach at Cannes. From Phaidon: "45 years ago Cannes was at its ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for vimeo video Tune for Today: Nico Sings "New York New York" - World of Wonder

Tune for Today: Nico Sings “New York New York”

Writes Dangerous Minds' Marc Campbell: "It isn’t until halfway through this experimental film clip [Mr Dead and Mrs Free] that we encounter the ... See the Rest

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Flashback 1961: Nico Photographed by Jerry Schatzberg

I'd always heard that the Warhol superstar had been a model before her Velvet Underground days, but I had never seen any pictures until now. I'm so ... See the Rest


Flashback: Bananas!

(via histrionicenlightenment) ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Nico covers Whitney? - World of Wonder

Nico covers Whitney?

The creepy-but-compelling Warhol Superstar died the year after Whitney Houston released "I Wanna Dance With Somebody," so it's entirely possible that ... See the Rest

The Factory Files: Andy and Nico

Andy Warhol and Nico as Robin and Batman, 1967. (via Pic of the Gay) ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Just Because - World of Wonder

Just Because

Take a break and watch all eight-plus minutes of this darkly fascinating bit of film shot in 1980 at the Chelsea Hotel in New York. The footage, part ... See the Rest

Heat and Serve

On the left, there's the trailer for Andy Warhol's Heat, the 1972 Factory remake of 1950's Sunset Boulevard, with Sylvia Miles in the Gloria Swanson ... See the Rest