Next Magazine‘s 2013 Nightlife Hall of Fame


Look who's in Next Magazine's 2013 Nightlife Hall of Fame: Wowlebrity, producer, and DJ Bill Coleman (second from left), along with g lounge owner Michael McGrail, the lovely and talented Sherry Vine, legendary queen-of-the-night Susanne Bartsch, and the one-and-only Michael ... See the Rest

Fenton and Randy Cover Next

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Looking GORGEOUS! From the article: "'Everything I dreamed I could achieve I saw reflected in their eyes,' RuPaul explains via telephone. 'That was from the moment I met them in 1985. They got me. They didn’t even have to say they got me. I saw it in their eyes, and I trust them. ... See the Rest

Randy and Fenton Show Some Ankle


World of Wonder's head honchos Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato posed in pumps at a studio in New York's Hell's Kitchen recently for the cover of Next magazine, out Friday. (via instagram) ... See the Rest

Next Cover Girls


This is the recent cover of New York's Next magazine featuring all things BIG and GAY in the past year. I spy with my gay little eye: the overruling of DADT, marriage equality in New York, the death of Whitney Houston, our first "gay" president Barack Obama, and SHARON NEEDLES! ... See the Rest

Sharon Needles in Next


From the magazine: "Even after the 30-year-old punk-rock brat’s instant rise to fame, she admits that becoming a role model is not on her bucket list. 'I wanted to be the GG Allin of drag,' she explains. 'I never wanted to be a role model, but I do take the responsibility ... See the Rest