#BornThisDay: Harvey Fierstein

fierstein 2

“If you don't look, you don't know.” Well, first of all, there is that voice. I always think of my distinctive voice, made possible by decades of pot smoking & whiskey drinking, but ... See the Rest



I'm vaguely embarrassed that I know this, but Andrew Keenan-Bolger just finished up his run as See the Rest

Your First Look: Newsies on Broadway

Spot Connelly, Racetrack Higgins, Crutchy, Boots, Mush – they're all here! And hot DAMN, there's nothing like a bunch of singin' and dancin' turn-of-the-century street waifs to get my juices going. I. CANNOT. WAIT! (via See the Rest

Before there was Flash Mob, there was Newsies

Video thumbnail for youtube video Before there was Flash Mob, there was Newsies - World of Wonder

Just when I thought Newsies couldn't get any better. ... See the Rest