Short Reads: Bill Maher Predicts Upcoming Headlines


With the past election, immigration reform and the news in general, Bill Maher has been on fire lately. But he is going on hiatus for six weeks now until the first week of January, so for those who use Real Time as a news source, here are some of their upcoming headline predictions: * Anthropologists Find Woman Untouched By Bill Cosby * ... See the Rest

Apparently, This Kid Is a Comedy Genius

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 7.39.05 PM

I mean, really. You couldn't write this stuff if you were Norman Lear. Enjoy the magic.... ... See the Rest

Typically the Way Things Go Down


                                                                                                                                                                                                                               (via pantsareonfire) ... See the Rest

Ed Magaña’s Friday Vid Bits


... See the Rest

Stories You May Have Missed: FLOTUS Goes on Rampage at Elementary School


Must've gotten buried among all the debate coverage. (via Chadley Macguff) ... See the Rest

Not That Far-Fetched These Days


Richmond, Virginia, TV meteorologist forecasts some hellish weather. ... See the Rest



Sign outside a Toronto head shop today after the collapse of a Radiohead concert stage in Downsview Park crushed a man to death and seriously injured another. (Story; t/y Louis) ... See the Rest

Meet Sweet Brown

Ahhhhh Sweet Brown. Love. (t/y Paul M.) ... See the Rest