With Diana Vreeland, who Liberman fired as Editor-in-Chief at Vogue

Alexander Liberman: Myth Understood

On Thursday night, I was part of a panel discussing the life of Alex Liberman, who was Vogue's art director for twenty plus years and then the ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Drone's Eye View: Trust. You NEVER Seen Fireworks Like This Before! - World of Wonder

Drone’s Eye View: You’ve NEVER Seen Fireworks Like This Before!

Well, I missed the fireworks in New York City Friday night, I was invited to a rooftop party but I couldn't be bothered to drag my ass out. The Macy's ... See the Rest


Erykah-Ba-Don’t!: Badu Tries To Steal An On-Air Kiss

Erykah Badu tried to kiss her way onto a New York TV on Friday, but got the old "push-back". For some reason, the singer snuck into the shot while Pix ... See the Rest


New Jeff City: Koons At The Whitney & Beyond

As you may know, the Whitney retrospective of Jeff Koons is the last exhibit to be mounted at the Breuer-designed, brutalist location. Next year, the ... See the Rest

2-1-2: Marion Cotillard and Domenico Dolce arm in arm; Kanye in Soho and more Kardashians in South Hampton

Kardashians! Kardashians! Everywhere You Look

They are an industry unto themselves, like George Lucas's Industrial Light and Magic (more like Nabisco with a thousand brands) The Kardashians were ... See the Rest


It’s BYOB: The Bar Car Is No More

For the last commuter rail bar car in the US, it's the end of the line. Last night, the 7:34 train left from Grand Central Station to New Haven – that ... See the Rest


Art-Tee: Visionaire & The Gap Team Up At Frieze

Yes, yet another artist collaboration. I've done them myself and I'm getting a bit bored of the idea – but this one is affordable and looks cool. The ... See the Rest

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 9.22.38 AM

Pussy Riot! Pop-Up Kitty Cat Café In NYC

The first US cat café is up and running and by all accounts, it's a hit. Two hour lines to get in yesterday for all the pussy your can get your hands ... See the Rest