Pretty Sure the Apocalypse Is Near: Splash Is Closing!

First it was my favorite West Village sushi bar, Sakura, then THE most expensive convenience store on Earth (but it WAS convenient because it was across the street), and NOW Splash, a New York City gay institution, is closing! Rawhide closed, now Splash, WTF is happening? Well, ... See the Rest

The Costume Exhibit Party Through the Years

(Pics via The HuffPo) ... See the Rest

The End of an Era

Beloved New York City icon Sue Simmons, who has co-anchored the local news with Chuck Scarborough since 1980, has been let go. LET GO! And with her goes the last reason I would ever move back to New York. Sue Simmons WAS New York. She was brassy, ballsy, nutty, and occasionally ... See the Rest