Theater 80: Snow White & the Seven Bottoms, Starring Varla Jean Merman


Hey, kids, it’s a BRAND NEW Fall show from the Gold Dust Orphans. All your fairy tale dreams come true as they bring you an all new musical adventure set in uncircumcised Germany! Look out, New York, the Orphans are BACK! After a hugely successful run of their first hit musical, “Mildred Fierce”, the Orphans are ready to return. Based on the Disney ... See the Rest

We’ll Miss Her: Joan Rivers Tribute To New York

Diana Ross and Michael Jackson in The Wiz

New York magazine's Jennifer Vineyard spoke to Joan Rivers last year and earlier this year about her childhood in, and favorite parts of, New York. (I swear, as I'm typing this, just now Elton's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road comes on iTunes. Read on and you'll see why tears are welling in my eyes...) "We were right off of Eastern Parkway, which was ... See the Rest

Do You Need More Attention?: Are You A Stoli Guy?


You can join GayCities and Stoli this Thursday in New York City, July 24 at the Copacabana and see who claims the title of NYC’s Stoli Guy 2014. (This fun competition is traveling all across the country to San Diego, Denver, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Boston, Chicago, DC, Seattle, LA, San Francisco and Philly. Go here for dates.) These six dudes will ... See the Rest

NYC Getaways: 6 Hotspots For Pride Week


It's already started. The city is jumping' with activity all centered around Pride. If you live here, you might be hosting some out-of-town pals. If not, you might need a place to stay. Either way, you can file these hotel hotspots for future reference. They aren't going anywhere – and all of them, save for The Jane, can be booked through Tablet ... See the Rest

Diana Ross 3-Ways: In The Rain, At MSG & On The RuPaul Show


I was looking through the events for Pride Weekend here in New York and there are MANY including the parade. I don't know how I'm so out of the loop that I missed this one though; DIANA ROSS AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN!? What the what? Yes. She hasn't performed here for a good, long while. (Do you remember her famous Central Park concert in the rain – ... See the Rest

Real Estate Porn: Let’s Get High & Look At New York City


When 432 Park Avenue reaches completion next year, it will change not only the face of luxury living, but the shape of the New York skyline. The monumental skyscraper will add not only height, but a giant shadow across Central Park. Not all New Yorkers are thrilled about a series of ever taller structures beginning to top out at heights beyond the ... See the Rest

Another Room With A View: Top of The Standard

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 10.02.24 AM

It's cold, but beautiful in the Meatpacking District today and just up the street from my front door is The Top of The Standard Hotel. It has some of THE most dramatic city views in a city full of great views. Are you hungry? Hung-over? Go for tea or a Bloody Mary any afternoon or to brunch, which is now being served on Sundays. Get dressed up, ... See the Rest

Gay Rapper Jipsta Attacked on Subway in New York City

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 6.00.04 PM

Jipsta, a gay rapper in New York who is also friends with Pandora Boxx and a big fan of RuPaul's Drag Race, was gay bashed and attacked at the West Fourth Street station in New York City early Sunday morning. ... See the Rest