#CollectingObsession: Beauregard Houston-Montgomery’s “Dollhouse Living”


The St. Mark’s Place apartment that the fabulously-monikered Beauregard Houston-Montgomery lives in is a mini-museum of his loves. (Btw, he's just around the corner from the East Village blast that sadly killed two and made many of his neighbors homeless...) Beauregard’s real ... See the Rest

Pow!: Today Is International Pillow Fight Day!


Grab your pillows and head to the streets today for International Pillow Fight Day! In Trafalgar Square in London, Washington Square Park in New York and on the National Mall in DC to name a few places to clobber strangers with a pillow. The annual event takes place across the ... See the Rest

#RealEstatePorn: Tribeca Mini-Loft Renovation For A Lucky Med Student


Somebody has rich parents, as this pad was done over for a med student at Columbia who needed a pied-à-terre while in school –no dorm for this future doc. (Wonder if he/she Ubers it to school? Tribeca is at one end of the island and the university campus is at the other...) ... See the Rest

Gov. Cuomo: “New York Will No Longer Recognize Any Marriage From a State That Bans Same-Sex Marriage”

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Cuomo Gathers With Supporters On Election Night

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has just raised the marriage equality bar by announcing on Tuesday that New York will no longer recognize ANY marriage from a state that bans same-sex marriage. Cuomo said at a conference this week: “We joined Connecticut and other municipalities ... See the Rest

#FantasyEscape: 10 Bank-Breaking Hotels Around The Globe


Pretend you just won the Mega-Millions jackpot! Screw Disneyland, right? You might want to have a list of the most expensive hotels in the world handy. Some, by comparison seem even at slightly "affordable" starting at $500 a night but all these lavish hotels have Bridal and ... See the Rest

#WatchNow: The Opening Of Woody Allen’s “Manhattan” Remains Spectacular


Even 35+ years later, the opening sequence to Woody Allen's Manhattan still gives me goose bumps. Shot in black and white, it's really a small story set in a big city. The monologue parodies this genre of film, and as the cliché goes, New York is just another character in the ... See the Rest

#SadNews: Soprano’s Actress Drea de Matteo’s East Village Apartment Burns Along With Dozens of Her Neighbors


Actress Drea de Matteo is among those who lost their homes yesterday after a massive fire destroyed three buildings in the NY's East Village. She Instagrammed the above pic with the caption: "NYC's finest trying to put out the flames to mine [and] many others' apartments. ... See the Rest

#RealEstatePorn: A Colorful Curated Condo In Chelsea


Bradford Shellhammer just launched his new online shopping site, Bezar, featuring feel-good, design-minded accessories. And from the looks of it here, he practices what he preaches. Refinery 29 visited recently to take stock of the highly-curated interiors of Bradford and his ... See the Rest