Must-See: Emma Stone in the Bonkers New Music Video “Anna” by Arcade Fire’s Will Butler

Well, this is just... peculiar. Miiiiighty peculiar. Emma Stone cavorts aboard the (haunted) Queen Mary, eats dollar bills (because she's MONEY HUNGRY, get it?), and licks some sailors in the music video "Anna" by Arcade Fire's Will ... See the Rest

Know Your Genderfluid Brazilian Soul Singers: Liniker

Ah, the lush vocal stylings of Liniker, there's nothing like him ANYWHERE. Press play and then take your eyes away from the screen. Just listen. Portuguese rolls off of singers’ tongues, and then a soulful melody comes into play. A beautiful, raspy, and ... See the Rest

#WorkBitch: Britney “Working Hard” On New Album And What We Hope It Sounds Like

Brace yourself WOWers- last night via Twitter - Godney blessed us with this cool (and funky) tweet: Firstly, can we have a moment of silence: Followed by a global ... See the Rest

Must-See: the New Video “Love Me” by the 1975

Fabulous new music video for the 1975 directed by Diane Martel, featuring beyond yummy frontman-vocalist Matthew Healy channeling 1980's-era INXS, topless, in leather pants while licking cutouts of Harry Styles ... See the Rest

Sharon Needles Has A Spooktacular New Music Video “Dracula” – Just in Time for Halloween!

The Divine Ms Needles expertly channels all the greats: Nosferatu, the Lost Boys, Bram Stoker's Dracula, and Count Chocula in the debut single from her sophomore album, Taxidermy. Sharon spoke to See the Rest

#GivingFace: Adele & RDR7 Girls Blow Us Away

You can already tell from our previous post on Adele's new video, "Hello," that we're BIG fans ... See the Rest

New Music OTD: “Restless” from New Order

It's a new New Order song, "Restless" – the first single off their forthcoming album, Music Complete – and the fabulous, must-see music video features King Arthur as a hot, shirtless twink at a wild, homoerotic bacchanalia. Says See the Rest

Nick Jonas Has a New Music Video, and SURPRISE! He Looks GORGEOUS

The ever-yummier Nick Jonas has a music video for his latest song "Area Code," in which he wanders around the area code of his ex-GF in the rain, lamenting her loss. It's pretty wonderful because, uh, we get to see a wet Nick Jonas. WIN! Many in the Twitterverse ... See the Rest