Perfume Genius Performs “Queen” on Letterman

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Odd and oddly affecting, Seattle-based musician Perfume Genius aka Mike Hadreas performs "Queen" off his album Too Bright on The David Letterman Show. It's a stunning network debut for the queer cult icon, definitely worth checking out if you missed it last night. ... See the Rest

Omgomg! New Marina and the Diamonds! New Marina and the Diamonds! Listen to “Froot” RIGHT NOW!

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Can you believe it? It's new Marina and the Diamonds! Their first single since 2012’s "Electra Heart"! "FROOT" is the title-track from a forthcoming third album, due out in early 2015. Listen to the instant dance classic below! ... See the Rest

Beach Boys Hit “God Only Knows” Performed by Every Star Ever

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The BBC today unveiled a secretly recorded new charity version of the Beach Boys’ hit "God Only Knows," featuring a slew of superstars including Kylie Minogue, Lorde, One Direction, Pharrell, Chrissie Hynde, Dave Grohl, Sam Smith, Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Sir Elton John among the performers. I dare you to watch the video and NOT sing the song ... Watch Now

Check Out Gerard Way’s New Video “Millions”

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Former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way has a new song ("Millions"), a new video (very Nenah Cherry-meets-Ryan Heffington), and a new look (red hair/red eyeshadow – SQUEEEEAL!). Watch it after the jump. OMG, HE'S SO ADORABLE!  ... See the Rest

Aretha Franklin Covers Adele’s “Rolling In the Deep” – Toot It or Boot It?

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Hmmmm. What d you think? Aretha Franklin tackles Adele's "Rolling In the Deep" on her new album of diva classics– and while the 72-year-old Queen of Soul can do no wrong in my book, some are saying that she's been... wait for it.... AUTOTUNED! WHAT? Say it isn't so. From The Washington Post: Was it Auto-Tune? Similar software? A poor-quality ... Watch Now

SQUEAL: New Nick Jonas Video “Jealous”

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Ab-flashing hunk Nick Jonas has a video for his new song "Jealous," and call me crazy but it ALMOOOOOOOST sounds like Drake. (Although Drake would probably die rather than sing a chorus like "It's my right to be hellish/I still get jealous.") From Hollywood Life: In his brand new video, “Jealous,” which he released at the South Street ... See the Rest

Must-Hear Song of the Day Julian Casablancas + The Voidz “Human Sadness”

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God bless Julian Casablancas for keeping rock interesting. Rolling Stone describes "Human Sadness" – his gorgeous new 11-minute experimental track with the Voidz  – as "a structure-less beast that features everything from jarring noise and warped, processed vocals to bombastic stadium rock solos and a hint of the gritty NYC punk Casablancas is best ... Watch Now

“Squares”: Cute Hipster Jonathan Kluth Makes Music in His Car

Video thumbnail for youtube video Jonathan Kluth "Squares": Cute Hipster Makes Music in His Car - World of Wonder

“Squares,” by hipster musician Jonathan Kluth, is composed of musical loops played on an acoustic guitar, a plucked violin and the percussive sounds he makes by banging on the interior of his car. It's pretty impressive stuff. And his man-bun makes me love him even more. The single off his debut album, Ophelia. ... See the Rest