World Premiere: CHRISTEENE’s “Fuk V29″

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Singer, musician, drag terrorist, and cultural provocateur CHRISTEENE, who describes herself as "a sexually infused sewer of live rap and vile shamelessness," famously commands the stage with furious intensity accompanied by a strict regiment of "hardcore dance and destructive ... Watch Now

Music Video OTD: Sleater Kinney Rocks Out with Bob’s Burgers Cast in “New Wave”

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Tina Belcher: Riot Grrrrl. Makes sense to me. She is a strong, sensual woman, you know. In the video for Sleater Kinney's "New Wave," the band members put on a private performance in Tina's bedroom. Gene and Louise join, and the Belcher kids rock out while the whole thing turns ... See the Rest

Pussy Riot’s First English Language Song “I Can’t Breathe” Invokes the Death of Eric Garner

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Russian punk rockers Pussy Riot have released a new song, "I Can't Breathe" about Eric Garner and the larger issues of police brutality and suffering under the yolk of oppression.  It's something they know about first hand, of course. Members Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda ... See the Rest

Premier Music Video: New York City Beat feat. RuPaul and Michelle Visage


RuPaul and Michelle remake of The Fabulous Pop Yart's classic hit New York City Beat. "Uptown...Downtown... Turn the beat around town...New York City Beat." Pre-order RuPaul Presents Covergurlz2 on iTunes and receive this song early! Also after you pre-order this song there is ... See the Rest

Paris Hilton Has a New Single: “Never Be Alone” (featuring DJ Poet)

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Now before you dismiss it out of hand, let me remind you of a simpler time, a happier time. 2006, to be exact. You and your best friend, driving down the highway with the car top down, hair blowing in wind, singing along to Paris Hilton "Stars Are Blind." Remember? You were young ... See the Rest

Check Out Petite Meller’s New Video: “Baby Love”

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Hmmm. Infectious new song from French pop star Petite Meller. The video is stylish and fun... her outfits are totally on fleek... and that Harajuku makeup is completely koo-koo. And yet. I don't know. Having a white woman dancing in an African village is just automatically ... See the Rest

Tied-Up and Twisted: FKA Twigs New Video for “Pendulum”

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Singer/dancer/fashion icon/Robert-Pattinson-lover FKA Twigs debuts the video she directed for her song "Pendulum." In it, she is tied up and suspended from the ceiling, looking both sexy and troublingly uncomfortable. Challenging stuff from a fascinating lady. Says MTV: The ... See the Rest

Tune for Today: Kayvon Zand’s “Home”

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A moody and evocative new music video from clubking Kayvon Zand. Whereas other video ventures have had him in da club or blasting off into space, here he stands on a deserted beach in a billowing cape with his Louis Quatorze curls fluttering about his face, contemplating death ... Watch Now