You’ll Never Guess: Who’s The Boss?


Give up? OK. Sinéad O'Connor. She's had a few rough years lately, but you wouldn't know it from looking at this picture. She got married – but it only lasted 16 days. Last August she imparted her wisdom to Miley in an open letter – which must have fallen on deaf ears – and a tongue sticking out. Well, now she's back with a new album called I'm Not ... See the Rest

Cap Snap!


Rumors – some slim, others shady – of a new solo album from Eminem have been flung about for a while and now it seems they've been confirmed, if this baseball cap can be trusted. The Eminem Tribute Baseball Champ Hat, which is available online for 30 bucks, has a list of Em's "landmark solo albums" printed on the side, and the last date on the list ... See the Rest

David Archuleta Has a New Album!


For someone who gave up showbiz to pursue the Mormon ministry, he sure seems rather prolific these days. There was his stint on Nandito Ako (the Filipino soap opera) earlier this year, an Asian tour, and now this album of covers and original songs. And he looks like he finally started going through puberty, doesn't he? Seriously: He's almost ... See the Rest

The Lady Gaga Says…


Lady Gaga wants us all to know that her Born This Way album demonstrated a sense of maturity when she wrote it, but on her next album there's a lack of maturity, actually it's a tremendous lack of maturity or sense of responsibility. When i read those words I got excited and worried all at the same time. Job done. (via Twitter) ... See the Rest

Get Ready to Make Some
Joyful Noise


Dance-punk trio Gossip have released the cover art for their new album A Joyful Noise, due out May 22, and it's a doozy. The record was produced by Brian Higgins of Xenomania (Kylie Minogue, Pet Shop Boys, Girls Aloud, Sugababes), and frontwoman Beth Ditto said she "spent the whole year listening to ABBA" while recording. Can't wait. ... See the Rest


Video thumbnail for youtube video SIGHTED AT THE 'HUSH' AND 'SMILE EVEN IF IT HURTS' OPENING - World of Wonder

At the opening party for the joint art shows "Hush" and "Smile Even If It Hurts" on Saturday night, WOW cameras caught up with the featured artists Lindsey Way and Jessicka Addams, wowlebrity curator Lenora Claire, and Lindsey's hunky husband Gerard Way (frontman of My Chemical Romance). We got the scoop on the art show, plus dish on Lindsey and ... See the Rest