He Lived Long and Prospered: Leanard Nimoy, Dead at 83

Sad news today: ... See the Rest

Short Film OTD: “The Incredible Hulk Hands”

A nerd finds a magical pair of Hulk hands and uses them to pummel his bullies in this short film by Ari Fararooy. The short stars the sketch comedy teams The Jasons and ... Watch Now

Stephen Colbert Expertly Addresses the New Light Saber Controversy

While Star Wars fans have been nerdgasming over the trailer for The Force Awakens, there have been a few grumbles in the Twitterverse and elsewhere. Many, of course, are outraged to ... See the Rest

The Lrrr and Nd-Nd GIF Shop

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Whoville: New Clip from Day of the Doctor!

10 in a fez, you guys! It's 10! In a FEZ! SO ADORABLE. And only eight days to go until we see the whole episode! ... See the Rest

RuPaul To Appear at Stan Lee’s Comikaze November 2nd 2013

We are excited to announce that Rupaul will appear at Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo next Saturday, Nov 2nd at the Los Angeles ... See the Rest

Nerdgasm: Matt Smith to Play Patrick Bateman in American Psycho Musical

Former Doctor Who hunk Matt Smith is replacing his sonic screwdriver with a butcher knife for the upcoming London stage musical American Psycho, according to the See the Rest

These DC Nation Shorts Will Make You Believe a Wonder Woman Movie Is Possible

You're always hearing everyone bang on an about how difficult it would be to make a Wonder Woman movie or TV series, that she doesn't speak to this generation, that female heroes are a tough sell, that she's corny or the backstory doesn't work anymore (although it's essentially ... See the Rest