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Gus Wenner Is the New Head of

Rolling Stone's boss Jann Wenner has installed his 22-year-old, still-fresh-from-Brown University son, Gus, to head up the magazine's website, ... See the Rest

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Let the Girls Backlash Begin

I wasn't blown away by it, but I don't know that it's deserving of a backlash, either. What did YOU think? ... See the Rest

I did not know this

So that weird alien fetus on 90210 that they keep trying to pass off as a hunk is actually Diana Ross' son? Nepotism might get you on the show, sir, ... See the Rest

8-year-old fashion whiz Arlo Weiner gets another GQ spread

A few weeks ago we saw that our favorite 13-year-old fashion blogger, Tavi, made the cover of Pop magazine. Now comes word that our favorite ... See the Rest