Has “Wrecking Ball” Pushed the Envelope Too Far?


Neal Broverman's op-ed piece for the Advocate on Miley's "Wrecking Ball" video and our increasingly hyper-sexual culture is worth a read. "At work, at leisure: Sex is everywhere," he writes. "Maybe it’s Miley Cyrus and the twerking phenomenon, but either way, it appears the world overdosed on Cialis. Gay culture has always been sex-obsessed, but ... See the Rest

Fenton and Randy’s Big Advocate Interview!


Coinciding with the release of the WOW coffee table book The World According to Wonder, The Advocate's Neal Broverman sat down to talk with the boys "about the past two decades, their hilarious WOW Report, celebrity, failure, and LaToya Jackson." Here's a quick excerpt: When you started making shows and, eventually, movies, when did you ... See the Rest