Your Moment of Zen: Drone Footage of Thousands of Reindeer Migrating in Norway

In Norway, approximately 3,500 reindeer begin their annual two-month journey south. Photographer Jan Helmer Olsen used a drone to capture their awe-inspiring (and oddly relaxing) migration, in which they swarm like very elegant ants across the frozen tundra, and regularly endure ... See the Rest

How Female Turkeys Choose Their Mates

The surprising complex process by which turkey ladies decide which turkey dude they're going to get with. Spoiler Alert: It's all about the length of the guy's "snood" – or floppy bit of flesh which dangles from their beak. Hot. With its fanned plumage and bold strut, a ... Watch Now

Disgusting Giant Red Leech Slurps Up Disgusting Worm For Lunch

Damn, nature: A giant red leech hunts down a long blue worm and sucks it down like spaghetti. Behaviour filmed for the first time on Mount Kinabalu, Borneo. Must-see leech-on-worm erotica after the jump. ... Watch Now

Walking Dogs and Deers In Nature

This is the sweetest video. A deer and a great dane walked into a field.....and the rest is not a punchline, just magic. You're welcome (said in Sadie from Awkward's voice.) ... See the Rest

“The President” Is The Tallest Tree In the World

"The President" is one of the biggest trees in the world, and until now, there's never been a photograph of its entirety. It is 247 feet tall and is 3,200 years old. It has two ... See the Rest

Art Break: Valerie Hegarty’s “Alternative Histories”

Gorgeously deconstructed paintings of nature run amuck by Valerie Hegarty . Positively demonic stuff, you MUST SEE! ... See the Rest

Whales Almost Eat Divers This is just a touch of why I won't ever swim in the ocean. I have NO idea how divers would want to put themselves in this predicament. I couldn't even breathe watching this video let alone be there. Nice of the friend to laugh instead of panic. I ... See the Rest

How Animals Eat Their Food

This is the most accurate video about animal nourishment on the entire internet. See the Rest