“The President” Is The Tallest Tree In the World

"The President" is one of the biggest trees in the world, and until now, there's never been a photograph of its entirety. It is 247 feet tall and is ... See the Rest

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Art Break: Valerie Hegarty’s “Alternative Histories”

Gorgeously deconstructed paintings of nature run amuck by Valerie Hegarty . Positively demonic stuff, you MUST SEE! ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Whales Almost Eat Divers - World of Wonder

Whales Almost Eat Divers

http://youtu.be/0Ut7wK9l9mk This is just a touch of why I won't ever swim in the ocean. I have NO idea how divers would want to put themselves in ... See the Rest


How Animals Eat Their Food

This is the most accurate video about animal nourishment on the entire internet. ... See the Rest


Extreme Close-Up: Llook at That Llama’s Ruffled Eyeball!

(via Philthy's Diversions) ... See the Rest


Nature Boys

... See the Rest

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Ant Death Circles Explained

YouTube commenter Sbl29: "Must have used Apple maps." ... See the Rest


Monkey Narcissus

(via Non-Volerli Vittime) ... See the Rest