Is Charlie Sheen About To Make a Big Announcement About His HIV Status?

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Hilarious National Enquirer Covers from the 1960s

Anne Bancroft BURPS AND SLURPS IN PUBLIC! Barbra Streisand admits she was HAPPIER AS A BEATNIK! Rita Hayworth spent two years... AS A ZOMBIE! Startling revelations from the world's most famous scandal sheet in its Hollywood heyday, collected by See the Rest

Flashback 1962: Joan Crawford

Crawford's "explosive" – and prophetic – headline covered the October 28, 1962 issue of the National Enquirer. (via argonauticos) ... See the Rest

Claire Huxtable Lets Kris Jenner Have It

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Mac Responds to Rumors

A rep for Macaulay Culkin says the National ... See the Rest

We All Were, Babs, We All Were

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Which one has bigger gayface?

The National Enquirer just outed Hurt hottie Jeremy Renner. How do they know? Well, he took HIS MOTHER to the Oscars, for starters. I mean COME ON! CASE CLOSED! Also: He pursed his lips in this picture with "Lipgloss" ... See the Rest