Patching Up a Broken Nail!


Oh my god! I feel like sharing this with the whole world! People always ask me how I get my nails to grow so long but even I break a nail once in a while! When you break ... See the Rest

BRAND NEU!!! Watch Alaska Thunderfuck Get Tortured In “Nails”

alaska thunderfuck1

This is one sick puppy! So funny how everybody thought it was Alaska Thunderfuck's ex-bf See the Rest

Rihanna’s Festive Fingers

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 8.29.12 PM

Rihanna Instagrams excessively, we all know this, but I loved how exceptionally festive her fingertips looked in this shot. She showed off her ... See the Rest

Jer Ber Jones Nails It

wowpresents Adam And Joes Takeover TV

  I love Jer Ber Jones, and I love her new Nail Tappers series on Youtube where she gives you fingerography for days. They're REALLY special. Follow Jer Ber on See the Rest

Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne Get Nailed Together


A family that nails together... Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne show off the manicures they got together on Saturday and, as a bonus, we get a peek at Kelly's new ... See the Rest

Relationships: It’s Not About the Nail

Video thumbnail for vimeo video Relationships: It's Not About the Nail - World of Wonder

Women! Amirite, fellas? Always nattering on about THEIR FEELINGS and WHAT THINGS MEAN, when the real problem is as obvious as the nail in their face. It's enough to make give up heterosexuality altogether, AMIRITE, GUYS? (via See the Rest

Ed Magaña’s Friday Vid Bits

Video thumbnail for youtube video Ed Magaña's Friday Vid Bits - World of Wonder

... Watch Now

Beyoncé’s Man-icure


Beyoncé put a face on it. She had her man's face along with her own put on her nails. Being a nail queen myself, I see that I need to give Beyoncé my guy's number ... See the Rest