NSFW! NSFW! Must-See Video for “Walls Fall Out” by Cheryl Merkowski

Next-level nuttiness raising awareness about anal prolapse in this peppy pop song. Many, many deeply unsettling images of you will NEVER FORGET, truly the stuff of nightmares, but trust: You WILL forward this to all your sickest friends. And you WILL be singing "Prolapse! ... Watch Now

Must-See K-Pop Video of the Day

With over 6 million views in just under a week, PSY's video for "Gangnam Style" is THE BIGGEST THING EVER TO HIT THE K-POP MARKET, OMG. As Donald Trump says: "It's YOOOOOGE." Watch it and you'll believe a fat, middle-aged man is the biggest pop star on the planet. He's absolutely ... See the Rest

Calling All the Basic Bitches

(via Billy Beyond) ... See the Rest