Tea Rex Infuser

Must See/Must-Have Adorable and Useful Tea Infusers!

I'm not much of a tea drinker (no Tea, no shade) but these super-duper-wooper cute tea infusers make me want to switch my morning coffee for a pot of ... See the Rest


Must-Have Gemstone OTD

Fabulous opal, posted by Pamela Love on her Instagram, looks like an underwater explosion. Gorg. ... See the Rest


Visage Shoe Porn

OK. I saw these on Pinterest and spent the entire weekend trying to track them down. One post on Twitter last night and of course my gays came through ... See the Rest


Must-Have Hannibal Lecter Bag

(via Peenmonger) ... See the Rest

Screen shot 2012-12-17 at 10.58.42 AM

Christmas Wish List

I need this medieval German rosary made of ivory and silver with partially gilded mounts, ca.1500–1525. (via Sinister Lava) ... See the Rest


They All End Up on QVC

The name behind this new skin care line to be sold on the amazingly addictive QVC is wowlebrity Vanessa Williams. The 49-year-old stunner wanted to ... See the Rest


Must-Have Jewelry of the Day

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