Meet Amanda Hackey

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If you have not been seeing these videos in your friends facebook feeds then it is time to find new friends! These dancing videos from Amanda Hackey from andersandpoopoo are giving me life. More more more! Watch "Ride it, my pony" and her DUBSTEP kills it! ... Watch Now

Directed By David LaChapelle: Daphne Guinness In “An Evening In Space”

Video thumbnail for youtube video DiDaphne Guiness In An Evening In Space - World of Wonder

Daphne Guinness's goldmine wouldn't be velvet, I don't think – it would be an ACTUAL goldmine. The heiress and style icon has consolidated her move into music with this mesmerising new music video directed by her pal, photographer David LaChapelle. Produced by Tony Visconti it's the first single from Guinness' upcoming debut album, which will be ... See the Rest

Robot Piano Player Makes Music Based on the Shapes of Clouds


Mechanical art. Andy would be so proud. "Cloud Piano" is an installation at artist David Bowen's  upcoming solo exhibition at L’assaut de la Menuiserie in Saint-Etienne, France, where a robotic sculpture translates the sky’s cloud cover into a musical piece. ... See the Rest

Listen/Watch Now: RuPaul Music Extravaganza!

RuPaul Peanut Butter

It's time for RuPaul music extravaganza! Cause WHY NOT?! Click over and watch/listen to RuPaul's sickening music videos! ... See the Rest

Flashback 1979: Nico Performs “Genghis Khan” on French Television

Video thumbnail for youtube video Flashback 1979: Nico Performs "Genghis Khan" on French Television - World of Wonder

The relentlessly gloomy former Warhol starlet performed her medieval lamentation “Genghis Khan” on French television in June of 1978. I honor of her death 26 years ago today, let's listen to her moan along to her beloved harmonium below. ... See the Rest

A Gay Man’s Guide to the Best Songs to Listen to While Dusting

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A comprehensive (and absolutely hysterical) list of songs to help make dusting time fun time, from one of our favorite wowlebrities David Munk (Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys) via his blog Stargayzing.  ... See the Rest

Raindrops Falling, Ice Cream Melting: Two Incredibly Calming, Must-See Videos

Video thumbnail for youtube video Raindrops Falling, Ice Cream Melting: Two Incredibly Calming, Must-See Videos - World of Wonder

It's hot. You need relief. I've got in the form of these two videos. In the first: Raindrops falling on wood, stones, dirt, and leaves create different notes and sounds that together form a soothing kind of a song. In the second: Different kinds of ice cream are filmed melting in fast motion. It's both both mesmerizing and heartbreaking. DON'T ... See the Rest

WATCH New Adore Delano Music Video: Party (Official)

Video thumbnail for youtube video WATCH New Adore Delano Music Video: Party (Official) - World of Wonder

PARTY with more Adore Delano on WowPresents and buy the full album Till Death Do Us Party on iTunes! ... Watch Now