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Alaska’s Epic New Video

Alaska has been performing her new single Your Makeup Is Terrible across the globe with the Battle of the Seasons Tour, and now we finally get the ... Watch Now

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Lily Allen Turns Down Game of Thrones

While every actor, wannabe actor and their mother would kill for a guest spot on HBO's smash hit, Game of Thrones, Lily Allen turned it down! Lily ... See the Rest

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Watch Conchita Wurst Sing Austria’s Entry into the Eurovision Contest: “Rise Like a Phoenix”

Exquisitely hirsute gender non-conformist Conchita Wurst belts out her song "Rise like a Phoenix," representing Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest ... See the Rest

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Headphones Just for Women

Not sure how I feel about these, but Skullcandy Headphones (which was the only headphones I used on radio for years) has come out with a line of ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Mariah's #DemBabies Singing On Album - World of Wonder

Mariah’s #DemBabies Singing On Album

So Mariah is talking to ET Canada here about her new album and the fact that her kids, #DemBabies are singing on her new album. But that's not what ... See the Rest

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Alexa Ray Joel Is Stunning

  I love this young woman's face. I know as a kid horrible things were said (poor thing, she looks like her father, etc) and I knew it was a ... See the Rest

RuPaul Geronimo

Binge Watch This:
Music Videos on WOWPresents

EVERYONE likes music! And music videos make things even better! ... Watch Now

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Lorde Has a Boyfriend and It’s Not Taylor Swift

                  After all of the speculation about Lorde's sexual ... See the Rest