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RuPaul’s Born Naked Debuts #1 On Twitter Music

RuPaul also holds the #1 Dance song on Twitter for Sissy That Walk and #67 top superstars! After debuting and holding the #1 dance album on iTunes ... See the Rest

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Andy Jordan Is Touring

If you live in the UK and live for Made In Chelsea the way I do, then you will want to know that Andy Jordan aka Nostrils, is taking his guitar and ... See the Rest


Mariah Is Grooming Bobbi Kristina To Be a Pop Star

Allegedly anyway. According to RadarOnline Mariah and Randy Jackson (the Idol one, not the Michael brother) are planning a huge pop music career for ... See the Rest

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Just Ricky Martin Being Handsome

Do I really need a reason to post a pic of Ricky Martin other than he is still so. damn. handsome? I didn't think so. Ricky is starring with J Lo's in ... See the Rest

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Gwen Stefani Tweets Sting Throwback

LOVE THIS! Gwen Stefani shared this pic on twitter of when she met Sting and asked for his autograph. He must've gotten a chuckle out of seeing this ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Billy Joel Makes Dreams Come True - World of Wonder

Billy Joel Makes Dreams Come True   Imagine being this college kid? Billy Joel went to speak at Vanderbilt University in Nashville and a ... See the Rest

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Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish, America Says Deport Bieber

  If only this could actually happen! currently has a petition with over 78,000 signatures to deport Justin Bieber!! Everyone ... See the Rest

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Girl Band vs BOYBAND

No, I didn't put BOYBAND in all caps because I WAS EXCITED ABOUT BOYBANDS, OMG. It's their name. BOYBAND. Both Girl Band and BOYBAND are the names of ... See the Rest