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Mariah’s #DemBabies Singing On Album

So Mariah is talking to ET Canada here about her new album and the fact that her kids, #DemBabies are singing on her new album. But that's not what ... See the Rest

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Alexa Ray Joel Is Stunning

  I love this young woman's face. I know as a kid horrible things were said (poor thing, she looks like her father, etc) and I knew it was a ... See the Rest

RuPaul Geronimo

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Lorde Has a Boyfriend and It’s Not Taylor Swift

                  After all of the speculation about Lorde's sexual ... See the Rest

RuPaul's Drag Race Can I get an Amen

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Corey Feldman Releases New Music Video

Wow. Corey Feldman has completed his transformation into a 42-year-old, goth Michael Jackson impersonator (some things are too tough to quit) wearing ... See the Rest

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Neon Trees Lead Singer Tyler Glenn Comes Out

Not that it's a big shock to Neon Trees fans, but their lead singer Tyler Glenn came out on Twitter yesterday. Well done, Tyler and welcome out of the ... See the Rest

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Mariah Is Bikini Mom

Mariah wants us all to know that even though she had twins and is 44, she is still very ready, willing and able to wear bikinis.....all of the time. ... See the Rest