Pussy Riot’s First English Language Song “I Can’t Breathe” Invokes the Death of Eric Garner

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Russian punk rockers Pussy Riot have released a new song, "I Can't Breathe" about Eric Garner and the larger issues of police brutality and suffering under the yolk of oppression.  It's something they know about first hand, of course. Members Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova famously spent nearly two years in a Russian prison for a ... See the Rest

Tied-Up and Twisted: FKA Twigs New Video for “Pendulum”

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Singer/dancer/fashion icon/Robert-Pattinson-lover FKA Twigs debuts the video she directed for her song "Pendulum." In it, she is tied up and suspended from the ceiling, looking both sexy and troublingly uncomfortable. Challenging stuff from a fascinating lady. Says MTV: The video for the track plays on the idea of the constraints of love — ... See the Rest

Tune for Today: Merlin Dietrich’s “Silver Samovar”

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Neo-glam musican/artist/dandy and wowlebrity Merlin Dietrich premiered the fabulous stop-frame animation video for his single "Silver Samovar" in October. And nearly three months later I'm STILL SINGING IT. Merlin, of course, was in the early '80s British New Wave band Mystery Girls and is an author of some renown (he wrote The Man Who Knew Too ... Watch Now

Watch Shia LaBeouf and Maddie Ziegler Cage Fight in the New Sia Video “Elastic Heart”

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Shirtless Shia LaBeouf (the best kind of LaBeouf) is in a cage match with Sia's mini-me Maddie Ziegler, locked in a tender yet impassioned dance-fight. They gesture wildly to one another, crawl back and forth, and make bizarre facial expressions. What does it all mean? Watch the follow-up to "Chandelier" after the jump. ... Watch Now

Drag Anthem of the Today: “I Thought You Knew” by Heaven

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One from the archive: Six-foot-eleven drag terrorist Heaven LET'S YOU HAVE IT in her video "I Thought You Knew." The song is dedicated to all the straight men who sleep with drag queens then later pretend they had NO IDEA. You know who you are. "Let's get some shit straight/ no I don't menstrate/ You saw my pool cue/ I put it on you!" You will be ... Watch Now

Watch: Downton Abbey Meets The YouTube Comments Section

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NSFW: As I always say, NEVER, EVER read the comments section, but watching them reenacted by "aristocrats" is something else altogether. Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” and One Direction’s “You & I” set the internet on fire and here's the inferno rather skillfully contained by Dead Parrot. Watch. ... See the Rest

Gnesa Wilder “Sings”: Just Keep Moving If You’ve Seen This


I just discovered this (thanks to my fave show, @Midnight) but you may have seen superstar, Gnesa Wilder already. This video has racked up some 5,361,732 views, so SOMEBODY has been watching it multiple times. The singing is... well, I'm not passing judgement on her talent, you can judge for yourself. But I ask you –can she balance a champagne ... See the Rest

PREMIERE: “7/11″ Music Video by Beyoncé


Watch the premiere of "7/11" by Beyoncé here! The choreo, the "homemade" filming – it's almost like she's one of us. ALMOST! TO DIE FOR! This !@#$ is everything! ... See the Rest