Bizarre Music Video OTD: “Eating Makeup”

Serious amounts of WTFery on display here. “Eating Makeup” by Los Angeles-based filmmaker Jennifer Juniper Stratford is a bizarre video that delves into the brightly colorful wonders of eating makeup, as vociferously (and somewhat nauseatingly) demonstrated by ... See the Rest

#MaryChristmas: Alaska Premieres New Video “Everyday is Christmas” Complete with Puppets, Naughty Kids, a Smokin’ Santa, and A Christmas Tree Chainsaw

It's a Christmas miracle WOWers: Like Jack Skellington, Alaska ... See the Rest

#NewMusic: Macy Rodman’s “Lazy Girl” Will Make You Never Want To Leave Your Bed

#NewTrendAlert: SLUMBER is IN! No need to suffer from FOMO anymore WOWers, because with Macy Rodman's new ... See the Rest

Manila Luzon Tops Pablo Hernadez on “Bitch, I’m a Bottom”

Director Karl Westerberg (RuPaul’s Drag Race's Manila Luzon) ... See the Rest

OK, Seriously: You HAVE to Watch Rose McGowan’s Nutty New Music Video.

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Willow Smith Has a New Music Video: “Why Don’t You Cry”

"This teenage girl wants to be an artist," Willow Smith explained to i-D Magazine about what's going on in her new music video. "They rip up the invitation to her performance that night, telling her she is never going to succeed in an artistic career and that ... See the Rest

I Really Like that Raury Song “Friends” Featuring Tom Morello

Have you heard it? It's a really nice end-of-the-day/driving song. And this Raury kid. He's rather intriguing. 19 years old and by all accounts just full of positivity and sunshine, a real beacon of hope for the new generation. "I'm never super-keen when people ... See the Rest

Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean” Music Video Is Pretty Much A Tribute To His PERFECT Hair

Justin Bieber's new music video (or short film, as according to the opening credits) directed by See the Rest