Surprise, Surprise: One Million Moms Freaked Out About New Muppets TV Series – “Kermit Doesn’t Wear Pants!”

Family Values group One Million Moms has come out swinging against the new Muppet Show, calling it "perverted" and urging parents to boycott. A press release ... See the Rest

Good News, Everybody: There’s a Fraggle Rock Movie Coming… AND IT STARS JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT!

Two of my favorite things IN LIIIIIIIIFE: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Fraggle Rock are reportedly coming together for a movie. Yes! THERE IS A GOD! See the Rest

The Human Show: Muppets Animate Human Corpses in Bizarre Parody

"The Muppets, after years of oppression, invite you to a night filled with song, dance, and vengeance." That's the YouTube description. What happens next is horrifying, stupid, tasteless, and completely awesome. Gonzo, Kermit and the other muppets reenact the famous opening of See the Rest


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The Lady herself just posted this video via Instagram teasing the TurkeyDay special featuring the ever-fashionable RuPaul.  GAy-MEN to that sistah!!  We're definitely ... See the Rest

David Bowie and Some Muppets Exercise That Old “Voodoo Who Do” Routine in Labyrinth

(via juliasegal) ... See the Rest

Ed Magaña’s Friday Vid Bits

... See the Rest

New Video Series: #JohnPollySays presents the Top 5 “Blurred Lines” Covers. Ever!

Happy Saturday! Here’s a video for you! In fact, here’s a NEW WEB SERIES for you… I spent all of this past January-April recapping RuPaul’s Drag Race, but this time around for a ... See the Rest