Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey: Red Carpet Bros


Buddies make the arrivals scene at the MTV Movie Awards. (via dudetube) ... See the Rest

Aubrey Plaza’s Awkward Moment

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At the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night, Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza attempted to take Will Ferrell's lifetime achievement award from him after rushing the stage. At first everyone thought it was a skit, but then Ferrell— clearly not amused but keeping his cool— asked what was happening and if Aubrey was OK. She didn't respond, but rather ... See the Rest

Hot Look of the Day: Hana Mae Lee Is a Butt-Head


The Pitch Perfect actress paired her cut-out Marco Marco black dress and Ferragamo heels with an Alain Lafaille headpiece at last night's MTV Movie Awards. (via MTV) ... See the Rest

Happening Now: RuPaul and Alyssa Edward at the MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet Arrivals


(Via RuPaul's Drag Race) ... See the Rest



Joe Manganiello offers Elizabeth Banks some popcorn onstage at the MTV Movie Awards. ... See the Rest

On the Red Carpet: The MTV Movie Awards

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... See the Rest

MTV movie awards red carpet

Is this an Of Interest? Because they sure look alike to ME. Either Snooki has gone Hollywood, or Vanessa Hudgens has become Jersey trash. Either way it's disturbing. I've included some other red carpet pics here but with limited commentary, because no matter how I tried to upload the pics and texts together, my blogging system called it an error. ... See the Rest

Extracurricular Digital Short

MTV ShowsBruno's nutsack making contact with Eminem's face wasn't the only cool thing about last night's MTV movie awards. In song, Will Ferrell joined affable host Andy Samberg in making note of a specific similarity between all action movies. And speaking of balls, the two comics can just barely carry a tune.  ... See the Rest