Of Interest

Media mogul (Wallpaper, Monocle) Tyler Brûlé and tawdry toreador in blue at the Brüno premiere in Spain.   ... See the Rest

Never Mind The Bullocks

Ma T'Adore Il Matador! via here, there and everywhere.  ... See the Rest


Just when we thought Awards Season was over, we get another trophy. We've won an Angel Award for the Philadelphia episode of our AMC series Movies That Shook the World. So we'll be displaying that right next to the AVN award we received this year for Best Mainstream Adult ... See the Rest

Must-See TV

Of course, we won't get a GLAAD nomination for featuring Pink Flamingos as one of the films in our AMC series Movies That Shook the World but, hey, who's complaining. Look what Michael Musto has to say about it in his Village Voice column: Well, I think kids should watch ... See the Rest

Bareback Mountain (Not What You Think)

"An unflinching look at the love shared between a man and his horse," says the blurb. Previously thought by most people to be the inevitable name for the porno version of the Heath-Gyllenhaal gay-cowboy film, Bareback Mountain instead has been applied to a more, um, bestial ... See the Rest

Stalking Stuffer

Dear Karina, I wanted to take a moment out of my day to send you a big THANK YOU for letting me win your bet. I know that yesterday, you mentioned on your Cinematical blog about our Movies That Shook the World episode on The Blair Witch Project, which airs tonight at 10:00PM on ... See the Rest

Brotherly Love

OK. Before we post anything, we should begin the day by saying that we were well aware that yesterday was World AIDS Day all day, but we had something special planned that fell through at the 11th hour, more's the pity. However, it really should be World AIDS Day every day, ... See the Rest

World-Shaking Premiere

The WOW series produced by Gabriel Rotello, Movies That Shook the World, premieres tonight at 10 on AMC with a probing look at the bunny-boiling, stalking-psycho gestalt of Fatal Attraction, featuring interviews with stars Glenn Close, Anne Archer, and Michael Douglas; producer ... See the Rest