#BornThisDay: Movie Star, Myrna Loy

August 2, 1905- Myrna Loy, a woman who was the very essence of sophistication, was born Myrna Adele Williams was born in rural Montana. She moved to Southern California in 1912 because of her mother’s bad health. In those days it was believed that the sunny warm ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Actor, Barbara Stanwyck

July 16, 1907- Barbara Stanwyck. When queried about my favorite male & female stars of Hollywood's First Golden Age, I have no hesitation in announcing Barbara ... See the Rest

Random James Marsden

Anytime I can post a picture of yummy James Marsden, then dammit I will. Walking around NYC looking foine, James Marsden continues to be ... See the Rest

Paul Newman: Afternoon Male Call

Paul Newman. Handsomer than a hundred movie stars. A classic beauty. ... See the Rest

Coming soon: The Justin Bieber 3D movie!

Yesterday we learned that Harper Collins was publishing Justin Bieber's hotly anticipated autobiography (Oh the stories he has to ... See the Rest

She’s a living dahl

Glamorous movie star, celebrity astrologist, and What's My Line panelist Arlene Dahl is still alive and kicking, despite being on my 2010 death ... See the Rest

And finally, a little retro-glamour for the kids

Because THIS is how it's done. You take one part Bowie + one part La Liz, throw in a rakish hat, some ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR eyebrows, a cigarette, a pose... And THAT, my friends, is GLAMOOR! Fabulous! (via See the Rest

Alain Delon: Now & Then

Alain Delon – who was perhaps the handsomest movie star human being See the Rest