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Shakira’s Son Is a Cutie

How sweet is this face? Shakira's little boy Milan is growing up quickly. Milan is about to turn one in January and Shaki is already talking about ... See the Rest


Gisele Bundchen’s the Model Mommy

These kinds of pictures warm my heart the most. Some of them come off staged and I don't even mind those – I actually love those, especially when the ... See the Rest

Chelsea Handler and Andre Balazs seen out and about at Tribeca in New York City

Chelsea Handler Says Motherhood Is Not for Her

And thank you for acknowledging that! There is such a friggin stigma attached to admitting that you don't want children and I just don't get it. If ... See the Rest


First Look

First looks here at Charlize Theron's beautiful baby boy Jackson. Charlize has said that motherhood was a priority for her, with or without a man in ... See the Rest


Blossom’s Sweet Nectar

Everyone is in an uproar today because Mayim Bialik is still nursing her 3.5-year-old son, among other things. She never used diapers, she is a ... See the Rest