Gagging on the Eleganza: Super Glam Images of ’80s Icons From New Mario Casilli Coffee Table Book

Stop. Just stop. I can't with these. They're just TOO PERFECT. The backlit hair, the makeup, the outfits, the lavender and lamé. God I miss the '80s. A new book of ... See the Rest

My First Celebrity Interaction on Twitter

I'm still a relative newbie toSee the Rest

Wowlebrity Receptionist of the Day

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Comikaze Expo in LA: Where the REAL Stars Can Be Found

Oh! The glamour! My eyes! I'm blinded! Morgan Fairchild, god bless her, who looks JUST AS BEAUTIFUL, JUST AS STYLISH, JUST AS BEWITCHING as she did on Mork & Mindy, on ... See the Rest

Does anyone care that David Letterman was on Mork & Mindy in 1979?

Well, it's an odd case of someone getting more attractive with age, that's for sure. Power and money will do that to a man. And it's a good thing he didn't stick with that whole "acting" thing. But what a treat to see Pam Dawber and Morgan Fairchild share the screen together! ... See the Rest


James catches up with actress/singer Traci Lords at her photo shoot with celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz (whom you'll recognize from See the Rest