GoT Reaction Montage

A video montage of people reacting to last night's Red Wedding, filmed by people who obviously read the books and knew what was coming. WARNING: OFF-CAMERA SOUNDS MAY BE CONSIDERED A SPOILER ALERT! (t/y Ed) ... See the Rest

Happy Times

A spectacular montage of twisted, manipulated midcentury footage. We highly recommend it for your viewing enjoyment. (If you care, we see that the video's provenance is detailed at See the Rest

2012 in Film!     ... See the Rest

The Claire Danes Cry Face Supercut We all love Claire Danes. She's a great actress. But for a while I thought I was the only one who noticed, as a close friend of mine put it, the "vibrating chin." This vid serves as clear evidence that it does exist. Though it's ... See the Rest

Movies That Came to the Rescue In honor of today's release of The Avengers, here's a superb montage depicting over 20 years of comic book inspired films. ... See the Rest

Christmas lights!

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Latoya laughs

Like the tinkling of a thousand happy little raindrops, LaToya Jackson's laughter showers down upon us in this delightful montage. Thank you fourfour for creating this wonderful ... See the Rest

Enter Laughing: Kramer vs Kramer vs Kramer vs Kramer ad nauseam

We're not a fan of Seinfeld or its reruns, but this every-single-Kramer-entrance-in-chronological-order gag reel has its moment. Many many moments. And after a while it takes on a lulling effect, like counting sheep. Next up, Elaine's "Get out!" reel? (via See the Rest