#ThugLife: This 2 Year-Old is NOT a Fan of the &%$#! Monkey!

You don't need a lot of background to appreciate this little one's attitude. He's got the right idea at any age. Monkeys, &*%$! off! Watch. ... See the Rest

#MustHaves: I Think We All Need These Monkey Wigs!

Not wigs for monkeys, silly, but wigs THAT LOOK LIKE MONKEYS! Made by the Danish artist Nikoline Live Andersen, you simply have to see them to believe them. I can see them on Manila, Raja, Alaska, Jinkx, and ME (of course)! ... See the Rest

Monkeys with Drones: WHAT IS GOING ON in This Mysterious New Ad?

A group of baboons reenact the Dawn of Man scene from 2001 Space Odyssey in the strange new ad for 3D Robotics. In the spot called the “Dawn of the Aerial Age,” a bunch of monkeys are running around on some rocks. One of them has a briefcase with ancient ... See the Rest

“Light Motif”: A Short Film About a Monkey In a Room Full Balls

If you like monkeys... or balls... or pretty colors and light... boy, have I got a treat for you. In "Light Motif," style, music, and CGI technique are masterfully combined to create a short film about a monkey in a brightly colored room full of bouncing balls. The ... Watch Now

Honest Movie Trailer: Rise of the Dawn of the Start of the Planet of the Apes Origins the Beginning

Really: Where were all the monkey dicks? Screen Junkies has made an honest movie trailer for Dawn of ... See the Rest

Your Daily Awww: Monkey Teaches Human to Crush Leaves

Omg, this little guy seems SO CONCERNED that the idiot human just.. isn't... getting it. And he keeps urgently looking around like "COME ON, DUDE, this is important! Hurry and do it right before they find us!" ... See the Rest

Two Things

... See the Rest

Snap!: Monkey in a Mask. On Stilts. Don’t Ask

(via Philthy's Diversions) ... See the Rest