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Pizza Delivery Drone a Real Thing in Mumbai

The future is now. At Francesco's Pizzeria in Mumbai, India, a simple online order for pizza is processed and moments later a drone is whizzing off to ... See the Rest


The Password Is… : Why Heartbleed Is An Internet Nightmare

I'm not going to pretend to you that I really understand Heartbleed, the latest internet scare, and explain to you what to do about it but Mashable ... See the Rest


Hugh MacKay on the Pursuit of Happiness

Says psychologist, social researcher, and writer Hugh Mackay: "I actually attack the concept of happiness. The idea that – I don’t mind people being ... See the Rest

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Pulp Fiction Covers Re-Imagined for the Internet Era

From the satirical blog ChristWire: "[We have condensed] the dreams of our epoch’s most infamous internet and media personalities into pithy, sincere ... See the Rest


Then & Now: The Stately Manors of England

Highclere Castle, the real-life Downton Abbey, still exists, of course, but not all of England's historic country homes and upper-crusty estates are ... See the Rest


Attention Parents!

(via Norman Reedus) ... See the Rest

Fuschia florals in fall? The world has gone to hell

Oh, capricious Fashion! I will never understand you! A quick Google search assures me that, yes, bright floral prints are all the rage for fall 2009. ... See the Rest