Trans Actress/Model/It-Girl Hari Neff Talks NYFW and Trans Politics

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"Fashion absolutely adores actress Hari Nef, and with good reason, " says Bullett magazine. "Aside from her angular, androgynous face, Nef is also spearheading the swelling transgender movement so that one day it won’t be called a 'movement,' as if it’s some fleeting trend. We caught up with the illusive “It Girl,” whatever that really means, and ... See the Rest

Cindy Crawford’s Daughter Hits the Pages of Vogue

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And it begins....I have been watching Cindy Crawford's daughter Kaia for a while now and the fact that she is 13, tall and looks exactly like her supermodel/supermogul mother could only mean one thing: superstar. Kaia has hit the pages of Teen Vogue, shot by legendary photog Peggy Sirota looking every inch the supermodel-to-be. Look out Cara ... See the Rest

Kaia Gerber Is Ready for Her Close-Up

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Look. At that. Face. Cindy Crawford's gene do NOT mess around. Kaia Gerber is 13 and beyond ready for prime time modeling gig. Her dad posted this pic of her on his Instagram and I know she has dabbled a little with the modeling, but she is her mama's doppelgänger. And? She is tall. Score. ... See the Rest

Cara Delevingne’s New Ink

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Ubermodel Cara Delevingne is adding more ink, but because she is pretty much the hardest working model in the game right now, she has to be super creative about where she puts them. Cara professed her love of pork by tattooing the word "bacon" on her foot. Ow. ... See the Rest

Could Cara Delevingne Be the Next Bond Girl?

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That's the word, anyway. I know a whole bunch of Bond enthusiasts that might take issue with this, but hey, supermodel Cara Delevingne is young, sexy and gorgeous, so why the hell not?? ... See the Rest

Art Transformations: Matthew Barney’s Cremaster Cycle In London


You think you know weird? Meet Matthew Barney…. So, here's the bullet points about the artist. One of the most revered conceptual artists of the past 20 years, has offspring with Bjork, they split (he's now with painter Elizabeth Peyton) was once a model (yeah, THAT hot) and The Cremaster Cycle put him on the art map. On Saturday 28 June, at the ... See the Rest

Adam Levine Is Trying Very Hard Again

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So here's the deal: I never got the whole Adam Levine is a sex god thing. Almost every one of my girlfriends think he is the mack daddy of all that is sexy, I do not. Exhibit A. Adam's Zoolander face in his latest selfie showing off his newly bleached coif. I can't. His fiancé however, model Behati Prinsloo is a natural and drop dead gorgey. ... See the Rest

Cover Girl 2: Kate Moss In Bed With Topshop – Again


Kate Moss announced that she and Topshop are getting back in the sack together, so to speak. Here's a look at Kate wearing those wares, which are available April 30. Lots of Moss signatures: rocker-y fringe and slinky gowns, like the one she wore to her 30th birthday. You can get these goods and more at Topshop's stores and on its site; plus, the ... See the Rest