We Still Want Mary Quant

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In 1966, London fashion designer Mary Quant launched the miniskirt and minidress and popularized hot pants, PVC coats, thigh-high boots, and patterned tights, the whole mod look, virtually single-handedly creating the decade's "Swinging London" scene. In her shows and shoots, she frequently used the fashion world's hottest models, such as Twiggy ... See the Rest

Little Miss Moffitt


In Phil Pinto's short but very fabulous film, Peggy Moffitt: The Total Look, the legendary 1960s model and muse talks about working for mod  designer Rudi Gernreich and her husband, photographer William Claxton. This film, like its subject, is a precious gem. (via Kelly Green) ... See the Rest

Match your refrigerator to your mood!

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Sure! Just cut your new "decorative fridge sleeve" to the exact size and shape of your Westinghouse refrigerator, then stick it on, and watch the fun begin! "Match it to your appliances! Match it to your hobbies! Match it to your parties!" And with so many mood-reflecting designs to choose from, you'll never be bored with your kitchen again! Dress ... See the Rest

Just Because

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Great Hairdids #4: The Box

In Mod London in the Swinging '60s, stylists were giving height to print models' hair by combing it over increasingly larger objects, from small strawberry crates to what must have been endtables. Here's the MOST beautiful model, Jean "The Shrimp" Shrimpton – possibly photographed by Irving Penn, possibly for Harper's Bazaar – with a box on her ... See the Rest