Spin For Ca$h: The 20 Richest DJs On The Planet

Our James St. James thinks it isn't a REAL occupation but nevertheless, EDM producers are taking over the music world, dominating radio, live music festivals, Billboard charts, awards shows and movies. Last week, Tiesto joined an exclusive club ... See the Rest

Watch Now: Miley, Moby & A Flaming Lip Get Trippy

NSFW: Adam, please don't hate me for posting this, I know Miley Cyrus is your territory. Well, it's not going to be Top 40 ... See the Rest

Damn YOU, FOD!: Sorry, The HUVr Is Not Happening – Yet

Sorry to burst your high-flying dreams, but Funny or Die seems to be behind HUVr, the mysterious tech company claiming to have invented the first hoverboard. The costume designer who worked on the shoot posted pics of the experience on her online resume, which has now been ... See the Rest

Sweet Charity: Moby’s “Almost Home” (Best Friends Animal Society Video)

Writes the singer-songwriter, DJ, and long-time supporter of animal rights: "A few weeks ago I went up to Best Friends pet adoption and spay & neuter center and made a short lyric video for ... See the Rest

Music Video of the Day: Wowlebrity Adam Buxton’s “Moby Song (Director’s Cut)”

... See the Rest

Moby Pic

Musician/photographer Moby at the preview opening for "Photo LA" at the Santa Monica Convention Center, posing in front of one of the whale-size panoramic shots taken by him while performing on stage at his concerts. So chances are you're in one of them. Photo LA is SoCal's ... See the Rest

Shot in the Back of the Head

.New Moby from the album Wait for Me. Video by David Lynch. Doesn't disappoint in either respect. ... See the Rest