Hot New Artist: Craig List


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Franco on Franco


James Franco hearts James Franco. And so do we. ... See the Rest

Dolphins See Themselves in a Mirror for the First Time


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Kittens Do The Darndest Things

Video thumbnail for youtube video Kittens Do The Darndest Things - World of Wonder

How freakin' cute is this? I didn't know cats would do this! I've actually tried this with my cat at home, and she couldn't have cared less.  ... See the Rest

The Horror of Cinemirrors

Video thumbnail for youtube video The Horror of Cinemirrors - World of Wonder

That imagined man Catherine Deneuve sees reflected in the split-second swing of the mirrored armoire door in Roman Polanski's Repulsion is one of our all-time favorite jump scenes, and that spine-chilling device has since become a familiar cinematic convention. For a reason: It ... See the Rest