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You Absolutely Must See the Jupiter Ascending Video Trailer!

What are the takeaways from the Jupiter Ascending trailer? Well, it's got Channing Taturm with a blond beard and elf ears! Eddie Redmayne as a sexy ... Watch Now

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The Wachowski’s “Jupiter Acsending” (Spoiler Alert; Jupiter Is a Person!)

Lana and Andy Wachowski, best known for their sci-fi trilogy, The Matrix, have a new sci-fi flick upcoming — Jupiter Ascending, and here's first ... See the Rest

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InstaGlam: The Cast of That ’70s Show Reunites

... See the Rest


Celebrities Without Makeup

  No judgment. From the top: Jennifer Lawrence, Mila Kunis, Barbie, Sofia Vergara, and Kelly Clarkson. (at celebritytoob) ... See the Rest

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The Tar Poster

My thought process as I looked at this poster: James Franco OMG I STILL LOVE JAMES, Mila Kunis MEH, WHATEVER, and ISN'T THIS, LIKE, THE FIFTH MOVIE ... See the Rest

In Case You Haven’t Seen It: The BBC’s Chris Stark Interviews Mila Kunis

He's a breath of fresh air for Kunis after a long day of repetitious interviews for her Oz movie. Needless to say, we co-editors of the WOW Report are ... See the Rest

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On the Red Carpet: The Oz Premiere in London

James Franco does gray-on-gray-on-ginger and looks absolutely adorable; Mila Kunis glowers at the cameras (as usual) in Alexander McQueen with an ... See the Rest


First Look: Mila Kunis as the Wicked Witch of the West

... See the Rest